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Source in a sustainable way

With 100% responsible criteria !

Sustainable sourcing

We’re finding it for you : go sustainable sourcing with Vetted

  • With e- sourcing, the days of having to open 40 tabs on your web browser are over.
  • Save time for your operations and save your teams work on time-consuming searches.
  • A SaaS tool especially designed for efficient partner selection.
  • We have the solutions you need to sustainably transform your organization.

Case studies

Sourcing sustainable and local solutions for Moustache Bikes.

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Sustainable transformation starts here

Everything you’ve ever dreamt of, to eventually make your task easier

The best of a search engine and marketplace for professionals

Make unlimited requests, bookmark your favorite sustainable solutions and contact identified suppliers while placing your purchase orders.

A one-off need or a need for an indefinite period ?

Our subscription offers are flexible and scalable. With no commitment, you can unsubscribe at any time, or buy time and peace of mind for yourself and your teams to accelerate the sustainable transformation of your organization.

A single set of specifications for your calls for tender or a specific expression of need

Please, contact our team, we’ll take your request with the utmost attention and get back to you with the right solution within a set timeframe. We’ll find it for you : go sustainable sourcing with Vetted

Are you hesitating between several suppliers or various sustainable offers ?

What could be better than our expert advice to choose the right solution based on our regulatory knowledge and the latest published scientific information dealing with the climate, biodiversity and natural resources.

Are you a public body ?

Welcome to your home. Our sustainable sourcing and purchasing solution in SaaS and on- demand mode is easily accessible to your employees via our Premium and Impact subscriptions, that are activated with your purchasing card at rates that are compatible with your infra-threshold budgets.

Working with the most virtuous service providers on the market

The driver of your sustainability