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Vetted provides a simple, practical response to sustainable development objectives.

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Transform your company sustainably

  • A simple, interactive and user-friendly transformation tool to immediately activate your transformation and green your invoices.
  • The best vetted sustainable solutions on the market for your sustainable purchases.
  • Verified and decrypted testimonials and information about the issues of the decade.
  • Presence, advice and personalized support for your organization’s projects.

As a market leader and one of France's largest employers, you are liable for CSRD and CSDD.

For your sustainable transformation, you can buy in the Vetted marketplace and sustainably source on demand with our Vetted Sourcing offer : do subscribe to your extra-financial reporting SaaS, contract with your CSRD auditor, CSRD lawyer or CSRD chartered accountant, find your renewable energy supplier, obtain your green financing, compare CO 2 capture solutions and exchange with your double materiality expert or freelance in impact assessment and measurement. And not forget, of course, to optimize your recycling and eco-circularity policy with the most virtuous solutions on the market.

You are a sustainable development strong link, with better communication as a common objective.

Between the need to deliver daily operations and prepare for the future, your priorities are numerous, including maintaining your business relationships in the sustainable supply chain. With Vetted, you can subscribe to carry out your carbon footprint on one of your scopes 1, 2 or 3, take out a subscription to lease your electric utility vehicles and install your electric charging stations, or to source a consultancy and diagnosis firm for reducing consumption energy ; you can also find the best experts in subsidies and responsible financing, compare the best local eco-logistics solutions, or even contract with your new organic catering provider for your employees.

You are impact by design and know better than anyone that, to inspire and show that it is feasible, the shoemaker must not go barefoot !

With Vetted, do choose committed partners and suppliers for your offices with eco-designed furniture, refurbished computers and smartphones, your company bikes, your employee benefit solutions, your kakemonos and sustainable event equipment. Choose organic, recyclable, refurbished, zero-waste, or even reusable products. With Vetted you’ll also find local producers, printers and stationers, your green energy supplier or an eco-responsible website host. There are even banks that only subsidize sustainable projects.

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