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The Sustainable SaaS designed for your business

We all have a role to play. Since sustainable transformation is systemic, it mobilizes and involves each organization and each individual. Whether you are in charge of extra-financial reporting, the decarbonization or biodiversity preservation policies, the design of circular offers, the implementation of the talent training policy, or quite simply sourcing and purchases, Vetted increases your commitments tenfold and makes your actions lastingly concrete.

With Vetted, all positions find their solutions

Executive management

Everything is there for your transformation.
With Vetted, transformation goes hand in hand with simplification. Do find all the verified sustainable solutions to transform your organization and your value chain available into a single stop shop mode.

Impact and CSR Director

The hub to access to the best verified sustainable solutions. These solutions do exist. How many times have you heard of it ? It is now a reality. The best sustainable products, services and freelancers are in Vetted and you can reach it within 3 clicks. And if you can't find what you're looking for in the marketplace, please, don’t hesitate to ask us, we'll find it for you as soon as possible in on-demand sourcing mode.

Chief Financial Officer

The essential tool for extra-financial and sustainable matters. Do upgrade your software stack with the addition of extra-financial and sustainable aspects. Our sustainable sourcing and purchasing solution in SaaS and on-demand mode will quickly become one of your favorites. Do source and purchase your sustainability monitoring and reporting softwares, reduce the risk linked to your hotspots, exchange with your new stakeholders and establish new responsible business relationships in order to make your value chain greener.

Purchasing department

The tool you have always dreamt of having. Do identify, locate and compare the best sustainable suppliers, source the corresponding nugget in 3 clicks, speak directly with the right person and obtain the ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) data you need, without forgetting of course that you’ll be able to purchase the best sustainable products, services and expert reports for your organization and your value chain. With Vetted, you can finally get back to the very essence of your trade.

Marketing Department

Vetted is your new best friend.
The reliable ally to support the responsible transformation of your business is right in front of you. Our offer is designed to meet your most demanding requests and sustainable transformation needs. Do test it and use it without restraint, it will repay you well.

R&D Department

To try it is to adopt it.
Every challenge has its solution. At Vetted we are neither resigned nor techno-solutionist and even less into greenwashing. On a daily basis, we are pragmatically responding to your issues and challenges because we know the key importance of your role.

Position of ecosystem partners

Take up the challenge of the century

  • 100% business functionalities, multi accounts, payment without commitment, Vetted is mixing the best of digital and human worlds to help you succeed in your sustainable transformation
  • 6 entry keys : Sustainable purchasing, Sustainable services, Advice, Diagnosis, Training, Financing, 19 categories, 3 Vetted Indexes : the right solution for every problem
  • Sustainable sourcing, responsible purchasing, and all the latest impact news as well, without forgetting our podcasts and white papers, all gathered in a single place

Like them, do find it in Vetted

Work with the most virtuous solutions on the market