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Transform and make your value chain greener

Reduce and neutralize your hotspots, create new business relationships and sign in new commercial partnerships to build your own responsible supply chain with Vetted.

4 good reasons to use Vetted for a sustainable value chain

Take concrete action for the planet

Find solutions to make your business and value chain sustainable in just 3 clicks.

Strengthen your competitive edge

Benefit from a unique ecosystem to identify new suppliers, partners and subcontractors.

Optimize your time

Identify what you need right away with personalized CSRD-compliant advice.

Support the competitiveness and appeal of your territory

From design to delivery, from production to end-of-life, do opt for local solutions with local partners to create your new ranges of sustainable products and services.

Sustainably boost your social and environmental performance thanks to our index


Index 1

The first level of the Vetted index is a prerequisite for any work with Vetted : the solutions must provide lasting benefits that are superior to conventional products or services.

Sur la trajectoire

Index 2

The second level of the Vetted index requires a commitment to the 2030 and 2050 agendas, which is reflected in the organization objectives, strategy and transformation projects and steered by an Impact Department.


Index 3

The third level of the Vetted index is assigned to economic players whose activities are kept within planetary limits and that are constantly searching to maximize positive externalities for all living beings and the planet. As such, they justify a statutory raison d’être that is translated into tangible commitments.

Integrate sustainability throughout the whole value chain

Improve your sustainability programs for raw materials, transport, distribution, life cycle and all external stakeholders that influence your business.

  • Adopt verified sustainable, on-track or regenerative solutions that are compatible with planetary limits.
  • Get all your stakeholders involved.
  • Save time on regulations and competition.
  • Access new commercial circuits.
  • Strengthen your business resilience to climate change.
  • Control your environmental footprint.
A virtuous, sustainable value chain

They take advantage of their value chain with Vetted

A virtuous, sustainable value chain

Focus on the best and create lasting relationships

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