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Regulations and directives are changing the way we consume and live in order to sustainably transform our territories : Obligations to acquire goods made from reused or recycled materials, to accelerate the renewal of your vehicle fleet, to reduce by 60% the energy consumption of your office buildings, to improve air quality with the territorial climate- air-energy plan (PCAET), the low-emission zones (ZFE).

The rise of the Responsible Purchasing Scheme (SPASER) and the implementation of green budgets testify to the structuring role that public procurement will play in these transitions.

A duty to be a model and an active role to play in building a sober and resilient world.

With the 2015 Paris Agreement, the ecological planning or the publication on December 6 th , 2023 of the Ordinance concerning the publication and certification of information about sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance commitments of commercial companies, France is one of the spearheads of the environmental and climate cause. By virtue of your position within the French public administration, you have, at your level, a duty to be a model and an active role to play in building a sober and resilient world, particularly enabling to reach carbon neutrality in 2050. In order to achieve this, France will have to invest an additional 66 billion euros per year by 2030 according to the Pisani-Ferry report, in particular thanks to the lever of public procurement that amounts to 200 billion euros in France each year. Systems such as the SPASER (Scheme for the promotion of socially and environmentally responsible purchasing) and the PNAD (National Responsible Purchasing Plan) will actively contribute to this.

With Vetted, the sustainable sourcing and purchasing solution in SaaS and on-demand mode, you will find the best sustainable products, services, experts and freelancers for your organization and thus contribute to improve the daily lives of your fellow citizens.

A key player in the implementation on a daily basis of the sustainable transition in the territories.

The transformation takes place both globally and locally. You are a key player, most recently with the launch of territorial COPs to implement on a daily basis the transition as closely as possible. From the inventory to the implementation on the territory, sustainable transformation calls upon a vast number of expert opinions materialized via sourcing and purchasing of responsible products and services.

With Vetted, you can find the best training firms on sustainable issues for your civil servants, the most relevant diagnosis solutions for the renovation of your real estate portfolio and the reduction of your energy consumption, the reference softwares to manage and monitor your sustainable transformation actions, and you may also obtain your green financing, without forgetting market-leading cybersecurity solutions for your digital and data assets.

The ecological transition is at the heart of your mandate.

From the eco-district to the positive energy territory, the ecological transition is at the heart of your mandate : regulation of land, soil and natural resource uses, rehabilitation of buildings, local and decentralized production of renewable energy, carpooling and soft mobility, waste reduction, recycling and composting policies, renovation of public lighting with LED solutions, subsidies and responsible financing, without forgetting the structures and initiatives in terms of social issues and the promotion of civic life.

Here are plenty of solutions that you can now source to optimize your sustainable browsing and calls for tenders or purchase with your purchasing card in the Vetted sustainable verified solutions marketplace.

Health, biodiversity, resources and environment are closely connected.

Health and environment are closely linked. That of the planet, of biodiversity and natural resources, but also that of individuals. With already visible consequences that will continue to grow. But like any other activity, the health sector must play its role in transformation, mitigation and adaptation.

In Vetted, numerous sustainable solutions are referenced to enable you to perpetuate your activities in a sustainable mode : sourcing of natural organic matters for future medicines, digital platforms optimizing care pathways, but also new organic and local catering offers, food and beverage solutions, waste recovery or even GDPR compliance tools.

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