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Solutions for all kinds of structures

All sectors do need alternative solutions to energy-intensive, polluting, carbon-based and non-sovereign products and services.

Sustainable solutions for the business

Adopt the Store of sustainable solutions like 400+ Vetters

The professional sourcing and purchasing platform that meets your needs

Our sustainable solutions for the business

Do concentrate on the essentials and sustainably improve your production and distribution methods.

Our sustainable solutions for public bodies

Protect, restore and enhance the citizens and civil servants’ quality of life.

A range of key solutions for sustainable transformation

Responsible procurement

The best choice of verified sustainable suppliers, products and services for your organization.

Sustainable sourcing

We make it easy for you to find the best providers, services and products in line with your CSR strategy.

Green value chain

Improve your sustainability programs for all the internal and external stakeholders who are impacting your activities.

Supplier compliance

Your sustainability information is becoming a competitive advantage, allowing you to generate more business and improve your position in supply chains.

Transaction de produits et services durables sur la plateforme Vetted.

Sustainably transform your business with Vetted

The Vetted marketplace brings together hundreds of solutions to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Everything for your sustainable needs

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Sustainable solutions for the business

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