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Attract new customers

Vetted is connecting you to companies and public players who are sustainably transforming themselves.

Responsible suppliers

A distribution channel designed for you and your customers

  • Show that solutions for the planet do exist ! Gain visibility and make yourself known to your ecosystem.
  • Exchange with your prospects and clients on their challenges and accompany them throughout their projects.
  • Continue to reduce your impacts by integrating customer feedback and opinions.
  • Work for a sustainable world by developing your business relationships as part of your responsible value chain and build your own success in the sustainable economy.

Increase the 3-click movement to find the right sustainable solutions


The time it takes for your organization and your sustainable solutions to be validated online, giving you access to new prospects and customers.


Your responsible product and service sales via our marketplace, but also your sustainable data safe.


The number of sustainable solution suppliers who have already chosen Vetted.
For your customers

Business intelligence data

That make it easier for audit and compliance professionals.

  • Enter your ESRS data
  • Provision of your carbon footprint
  • Provision of your sustainable development charter adherence document or of any other support you deem useful for your stakeholders
  • Provision of your Labels and certifications : BCorp, ISO 20400 and ISO 26000, SRI label and others
  • Provision of your statutes and audits if you are a company with a mission
For you

Generate more business and maximize your impact

  • Transparency, compliance and reputation
  • Positive practices for all stakeholders
  • Risk management, care and due diligence duties
  • Improvement your position within supply chains
  • Your sustainability information becomes a competitive advantage
  • Facilitating weighting in order to be the best bidder
I’m filling in my ESRS data

They are using Vetted for greater visibility and opportunities

Distribute on Vetted today

The commercial solution for your sustainable offers