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The basic essentials to sustainably transform your offer and your business, making it compelling and better for the planet.


Purchasing services
  • Diagnosis & change management
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Responsible purchasing

Value chain

Picto value chain
  • Mapping of your value chain
  • Identification of your hotspots
  • Certification and onboarding of your new suppliers and sustainable business partners

Sustainable performance

Picto performance durable
  • Compliance and extra-financial reporting
  • Communicating your sustainable commitments
  • Strengthening your employer brand

Organizations that source and buy sustainably

Succeed in your sustainable sourcing and responsible purchasing strategy

Adopt best practices.

How does it work?

In 3 steps

  1. 1 hour’s discovery
  2. Reporting and formula choice
  3. Execution and follow-up of the mission

Who is involved in a mission ?

Two Vetted associate consultants and co-founders + a network of validated experts who can be called upon depending on the target problem.

The smooth running and success of your projects are our priorities. We guarantee your satisfaction thanks to 4 key elements :

Sectoral Expertise: extensive experience through a wide range of sectors and business types, enabling us to understand the unique challenges you are facing,

Constant innovation : we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends and solutions in the sustainable economy, enabling us to provide approaches and answers that will set you apart on the market,

Efficiency and increased compliance : with Vetted you’ll optimize your operational costs, while maintaining a unique quality of service. We adapt ourselves to your requirements and scope of works, providing one-off or continued support, depending on your needs,

Results: by combining our consulting expertise with our DNA impact, together we create solutions that sustainably transform your business and strengthen your positioning.

Why will you choose us ?

The climate, resources, biodiversity challenges and related social issues call for action and solutions that are up to the task.

Vetted is a mission-driven company founded by two partners, Florent Sangani and Bertrand Mathieu, driven by the will to see your company continue to serve the planet and its inhabitants.

Our services enable our customers to benefit from comprehensive, tailor-made support at every stage of their business development : creation, management, consulting, and technological support via our marketplace of verified sustainable solutions.

Consulting and strategy for sustainable transformation

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Environmental & societal performance

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