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Sustainability & regulatory compliance

What does the Vetted platform offer ?

In front of the challenges of exceeding planetary limits and extra-financial regulation, Vetted is the store for verified sustainable solutions.

Source sustainably and buy responsibly in full compliance, to transform and secure the future of your organization.

Choose the subscription of your choice and make Vetted your best ally in building a better future.

Why should I choose Vetted for my business ?

Solutions do exist. Much more than a hackneyed formula, Vetted sources and validates them and also distributes the most virtuous and impactful of them with the verified sustainable solution store.

Now or in the quite near future, when you are concerned by CSRD, your organization management and performance will depend on the making-up and ongoing improvement of your environmental, social and governance data. Look no further than Vetted for the perfect solution.

Why should I choose Vetted for my public administration ?

Move straight ahead from the laws and directives that have been voted to their practical implementation in your region, ministry or healthcare center. With your purchasing card, responsible public procurement finally becomes a reality, with access to the best sustainable products, services and freelancers.

Why source sustainable products and services ?

Sustainable sourcing integrates environmental, social and ethical performance criteria into the supplier selection process.

As it is essential in all business sectors, sustainable sourcing is considerably reducing exposure to the following risks :

  1. Supply disruption due to damage caused by extreme climatic events
  2. Cost volatility
  3. Penalties because of working condition non-compliance
  4. Threats to brand reputation
  5. Challenges related to compliance with local laws and regulations.


Beyond environmental, social and ethical issues, an effective supply chain management creates competitive advantages.

Adopt the green reflex to question and rethink your model and your needs, and switch your conventional purchasing to sustainable procurement thanks to sustainable solutions, verified and distributed by Vetted.

Why should I buy responsibly ?

Corporate social and environmental responsibility means responsible purchasing. This also includes leasing and subscriptions for sustainable goods and services. A responsible purchasing policy is beneficial for your company, not only reducing your environmental and social impact, but also improving your business and customers’ relations. We are here to support you in your strategy, by choosing and selecting the best responsible products, services, suppliers and service providers.

Why make your value chain greener ?

Each company is a society in its own right, relying on the talents and expertise of men and women both internally and externally, as well as specific skills and trades, suppliers, subcontractors, service providers and freelancers. The resilience and overall performance of your organization is therefore directly connected to that of all the players in your value chain. With Vetted, start the movement by encouraging your ecosystem to go sustainable today.

How to create a sustainable value chain ?

Turn the notion of risk management into a unique competitive advantage for your company, by aligning your suppliers with your sustainable values and requirements. Suppliers’ compliance will no longer be perceived as a simple membership charter, but as a real virtuous circle in which each of your stakeholders will give as much as they receive, in the service of sustainability and regeneration.

What is suppliers’ commitment ?

The expectations and requirements of your customers and other stakeholders in terms of sustainable compliance have never made supplier relationship management so important. Not to mention the domino effect of the CSRD, which strongly encourages and motivates all economic players and ecosystems to align their actions on the basis of a new common frame of reference. As a consequence, don’t wait any longer : with Vetted, you can access not only the best sustainable solutions, but also the most virtuous suppliers on the market.

How does Vetted check suppliers' commitment ?

What is a sustainable solution worth if its supplier isn’t ? At Vetted, the question doesn’t arise, because with our Index and Impact subscription, you’ll have access to our suppliers’ audited extra-financial data, as well as their verified sustainable products and services.

What is the Vetted Index ?

Vetted is translated into French as Valid or Checked.

The eligibility criteria for the verified sustainable solutions we distribute through our store are intrinsic to our value proposition and brand. The Vetted index is made up of three levels that integrate the state of the art of European sustainable and extra-financial regulations, notably the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) and CSDDD (Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive). Its raison d’être is to ease the buyers’ choice by ensuring transparent and compliant selection filters, to make the sustainable transformation and auditability of organizations and their value chains accessible and concrete.

Vetted Index 1 – Committed :

The first level of the Vetted index is a prerequisite for any listing on our marketplace : the solution is compliant with current French and European laws/ regulations regarding sustainability and extra-financial data, and totally subscribes to the principles of sustainable development by working positively for the climate, natural resources, biodiversity, social or governance issues. Products and services that are rated 1 provide sustainable benefits superior to conventional products and services.

Vetted 2 Index – On track :

The second level of the Vetted index is based on unreserved adherence to the 2030 and 2050 agendas, which very clearly translates into a sustainable, extra-financial strategy and auditability for the organization that is steered by an Impact Department.

Vetted Index 3 – Regenerative :

The third level of the Vetted index is assigned to professional organizations that place their activity and solutions within the framework of planetary limits, constantly seeking to maximize their positive externalities to living beings and the planet. As such, they can demonstrate their raison d’être in the form of concrete commitments.

You & Us

Why a SaaS and on-demand offer ?

With Vetted, your teams and your business relationships can go sustainable with complete compliance and simplicity in just 3 clicks.

Do you need sustainable sourcing, responsible purchasing or suppliers’ compliance checking ? Take out your monthly or annual subscription and implement the right verified sustainable supplier solutions within your organization.

Can’t you find what you’re looking for on our marketplace ?
Do contact us, we’ll find it for you as soon as possible.

How do I shop on Vetted ?

Are you looking for a sustainable product ? Use our search engine to find it in three clicks, take out a Premium or Impact subscription, and the supplier will receive your purchase order and ship it to you as soon as possible.

Do you need a responsible service or a freelance sustainable expert ? Our filters and search engine bring you the best sustainable services on the market for professionals. Thanks to your Premium or Impact subscription, exchange information with the supplier and/ or freelancer via our secure messaging system, do sign your quotation and take full advantage of your sustainable transformation.

Our team is also available for sourcing or researching sustainable products and services on request upon Impact subscriptions.

At Vetted, no commission, just a clear and transparent offer, allowing an immediate impact.

Why should I list my sustainable products and services on Vetted ?

By providing gain in visibility, time and practicality, the store of verified sustainable solutions for businesses and public players, responds to the collective urgency to act, and simplify the ecological transition for professionals. Commercial support and a unique new sales channel make existing sustainable solutions visible and desirable.

With Vetted, there are no company size or Ads budget criteria : the best of your catalog of responsible B2B offers is delivered in 3 clicks, commission-free, because it’s sustainably compliant and meets the concrete needs of organizations as well as their value chain, by serving people and the planet.

Vetted is aimed at all businesses offering sustainable solutions and operating in France, whatever their nationality. Vetted services will soon be available in Europe, making Vetted the Amazon B-to-B of sustainability.

How does Vetted fit into my software stack ?

Vetted enables you to improve your extra-financial data on a daily basis via our exclusive functionalities for responsible sourcing, sustainable purchasing and verification of sustainable suppliers’ compliance. Our solution is an independent add-on to your ERP and HSE softwares.