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Aware of the urgency of the challenges to be met, more of you are joining us every to accelerate the ecological transition of companies and communities.

Today, make yourself known by joining our community of sustainable companies. Vetted connects you to companies and public actors who are transforming themselves sustainably.

Distribute your solutions without commission


Accompany your customers to protect the planet

By your committed, on course or regenerative solutions you show that it is possible!

By inspiring, raising awareness and communicating, you make change accessible and promote the design and production of responsible goods and services for sustainable businesses and territories.

You prove that there is nothing utopian about reinventing the way we design and produce value.

A distribution channel designed for you and your customers

Show that the solutions for the planet exist. Gain visibility and make yourself known about your ecosystem.

Discuss their issues with your prospects and customers and support them throughout their projects.

Act for a sustainable world by developing your partnerships and build your success in the sustainable economy.

Continue to reduce your impact by integrating customer feedback and reviews.


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They sustainably transform activities

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Distribute on vetted today !

I spread my sustainable solutions.

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