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Z and Alpha the for good generations 💚 🌍

They are ready to act concretely regarding climate change, biodiversity loss and resource shortage. The extent and urgency of the task will relegate the #boreout, #brownout or #thebigquit to the previous world. And will finally call for new recruiting practices based on candidates’ potential as well as continuous learning and inclusiveness. Therefore, whether you are a B Corp, a mission-driven company or not and whether you are recruiting for internships or apprenticeships, follow the best practices of Alexia GAUBE, the Coordinator of the Youth Inclusion Network/ Life project 4 Youth, as far as #recruitment and #job inclusion of young people are concerned. The Youth Inclusion Network is a network of companies committed to working on the inclusion of young people born into underprivileged backgrounds. The network brings together generous companies that want to increase the employment of disadvantaged youth. In order to reach this goal, on one hand, they open their doors to excluded young people and invite them to company visits, training sessions and mock interviews. On the other hand, they think on how they can prepare and facilitate the inclusion of these young people.

#Impact #NoBullshitJobs