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Discover the Waze of waste collection đŸ—ș 🚼

Even though 66% of the waste is recycled and 6% is energetically recovered, the best waste is the one that is not produced.

Despite the facts that we need to reduce the total weight of waste and to increase the share of recycled and recovered waste, we will still have to collect it, to manage its administrative follow-up and traceability and to manage the relations with the users.

This is where Unico and Clément MARTY, its CEO, come in to optimize the upstream phase of treatment.

Whether you want to structure your data and optimize your internal management, to formalize the management of your operations and optimize your rounds, or to streamline your GRU and centralize all your activities, the UNI'NAV and UNI'TECH solutions help you save time and money while controlling your environmental impact.

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