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The best energy is the one we don't use

As far as housig is concerned, we can act on insulation, heating, ventilation, lighting and hot water.

This is the real meaning of the new energy performance criteria (DPE), which sets a maximum final energy consumption threshold for housing at 450 kWh/m2 as of January 1st, 2023 📆

In order to reach this objective, craftsmen, territories, manufacturers and energy providers must work hand in hand đŸ€

It is SFERENO's role to facilitate links and connection between the various players in this ecosystem so as to improve the comfort of your « home, sweet home » 🏡🏙

In this new episode of #ParoledEntrepriseDurable, Franck DREHER, the Director of Operations of SFERENO, gives you all the added value of their solution with the service of accelerating the renovation of real estate.

A business accelerator for renovation professionals, SFERENO Pro is one of the 1000 solutions labelled "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution".

#ClimateLaw #EnergyIsOurFutureLetsSaveIt