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Supporting, mobilizing, advising, guiding and financing

Their teams support innovation and research, encourage best practices and inform choices for the future throughout France.

Whether it deals with sustainable production, preservation of resources and biodiversity, energy, air and soil quality, mobility, buildings or food, Jérémie Almosni, the Regional Director of ADEME in Île-de-France, describes in this new episode of #ParoledEntrepriseDurable how the ecological transition agency makes its expertise available to economic players, territories and citizens, to meet the challenges of ecological transition, in order to build desirable futures in a low-carbon world. During the last 30 years, ADEME has been involved in the fight against climate change and the degradation of resources and is resolved to move the yardsticks. As we are faced with the urgency of the situation, we need to move faster ! #EcologicalTransition #CarbonNeutral