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Multicolored boxes that have already recycled over 700 tons of waste

Amongst the 130 kg of waste per year and per employee, only 1/ 3 is recycled. This is to prevent the rest from being buried or incinerated that Les Joyeux Recycleurs were created in 2014. And their multicolored boxes dropped off by the merry team have already recycled over 700 tons of waste. In this 9th episode of #ParoledEntrepriseDurable Paul Rouvelin highlights how each daily gesture, each sorting has a direct impact on the planet.

And, in the end, he explains how to combine the well-being of its employees with respect for the environment, all in a spirit of solidarity : in fact, for each kilo of recycled waste, Les Joyeux Recycleurs donate 5 cents to an association.

Based in Paris, Les Joyeux Recycleurs operate in the Paris area, with a turnkey solution that allows companies to sort their office waste in a simple and funny way.