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Decarbonized mobility & handling operation by switching from the ⛽ to the 🔋

You can avoid breakage and dismantling 👉 with second life batteries.

For which markets ?

🛫 Airport

🚧 Industry

🎐 Renewable energies

🚜 Agriculture

🚢 Waterways


♻️ a circular solution

🤫 less noise pollution

⌛ over 20 years for battery operation

🔋 up to + 15% autonomy

🌬️ better air quality

Eric Planchais, the Managing Director of Carwatt, tells us that it is mainly about reducing polluting emissions of machines that run short distances at low speed or the use of which is quite specific with a solution that is otherwise economically efficient.

He explains it all in #ParoledEntrepriseDurable. We thank him and Claire Desbois for the visit of the R&D center with their sharing expertise.

#Retrofit #Supercycling