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Recovery plan and financing aid for your company

January 4, 2021

While 6% of companies saw their activity increase during the lockdowns (notably the pharmaceutical industry and retail trade), more than four out of five companies experienced a significant decline in activity of between 10% and more than 50%, particularly in tourism and cultural activities as well as the catering sector. In France, the overall 2020 decline in GDP amounts to -9%.

Demand, production, income, the factors that weigh on the drop in activity are known to lead to cash-flow problems for 34% of companies. When faced with this sharp drop in activity, companies have resorted to the aid measures put in place by the public authorities, starting with short-time working allowances for 70% of them, the postponement of social security payments (53%) or the PGE (41%) totalling more than 130 billion euros granted, the first repayments of which should start next April. At the same time, public and private organizations were strongly encouraged to defer the due dates of rents and energy bills or to reschedule debts.

Confronted with a still uncertain recovery and although the « whatever it costs » that was decided at the beginning of the crisis will gradually fade away, European, National and local aids will continue to be available in order to minimize the consequences of Covid-19. The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, the BPI, but also the CCI, list the aids to companies in difficulty, the subsidies and specific accompaniment, as well as the incentives for company creation, recovery or transmission, on their websites.

These subsidies ensure the continuity of companies and also make it possible to prepare their transformations to secure their future. According to INSEE, 20% of companies have adapted to this new situation by modifying their offer, including 10% of them that now offer new products, services or partnerships. This is notably the case in the textile industry through the manufacturing of face-masks, in the hotel business sector with the introduction of room service and take-away meals, or in the pharmaceutical industry with the production of hydro-alcoholic solutions.

Thanks to its value proposition and pricing, Vetted is fully in line with this logic of rebound and transformation, and allows your company to gain sustainable competitiveness at a very attractive price.

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