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Ready for impact ?

Jun 8, 2021

CSR, Mission-driven Companies, SDGs... these different acronyms and other words, while they correspond to various building blocks of sustainable transformation, are all part of a single fundamental movement : impact.

Impact is a synthetic word that means that any company facing the climate and social emergencies, whatever their size or sector of activity, must commit to generating a maximum of positive externalities for society and their stakeholders. And, as a result, they must generate as few negative externalities as possible. This implies rethinking their « raison d'être » in order to act and produce better and cleaner.

Towards a responsible capitalism.

Being too aware that a single word, how impactful it is, would not be enough to meet the challenges we are facing, political and economic actors have committed themselves to standardizing the measurement of impact. This is an essential mission to take concrete action, to fight against green and impact washing, and thus to lay the operational foundations for a truly responsible capitalism on a global scale.

France is spearheading this regulation of the extra-financial performances of companies, through the measurement of their environmental and social footprint. The legislation already deals with products, some of which display a reparability index and quite soon a sustainability index, translated into an environmental labelling. This law also concerns the labelling of responsible financial products and the extra-financial reporting of investors.

And with this in mind and on the opening of « Change Now », the global event for solutions for the planet, Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery in charge of the Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy, launched the platform on May 27, 2021. This platform allows all volunteer companies, from very small businesses to the CAC 40, to publish their environmental, social and good governance (ESG) performance data.

Co-designed with a hundred or so committed companies, the Impact platform lays down the operational foundations for a more responsible capitalism. In anticipation of future European regulations, it offers companies the possibility of filling in all or part of 47 ecological, social and governance indicators, which provide an initial overview of the efforts they are carrying out to transition to more responsible models.

All the indicators submitted by companies will be made public in the coming weeks. And in the coming months, several improvements will be made to the platform, including the possibility of publishing pre-filled indicators based on data that are already available to the administration, and also the possibility for companies to publish sectoral or individual information, and the provision of a customized extra-financial performance dashboard.

Olivia Grégoire goes on : ""In the long term, we will have a matchless tool for analysis and forecasting to help us support French companies in their transition. But the first challenge consists in making companies aware of how to measure and control non-financial data, which is the direction of history... and of coming European regulations. ""

Anticipate, assert, act.

The European Union is developing a taxonomy of activities deemed as sustainable. EU is also preparing the revision of its CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) regarding extra-financial reporting, by which all companies above a certain threshold, will have to publish harmonized indicators of their environmental and societal performances.

Without waiting for an internationally recognized measurement standard, Vetted, the marketplace for verified sustainable solutions, invites French companies to publish their indicators on the platform in order to publicize, measure and manage their social and environmental commitments by using reliable tools and indicators.

Beyond the promotion of your commitment to citizens, customers, suppliers and investors, you will contribute, in a spirit of sharing and continuous improvement, to building the foundation of a French doctrine of extra-financial performance and, as a result, taking it to the international level.

Please note that the platform is not a control tool, but a sharing tool. The data are not controlled by the administration. The certification of data is the responsibility of the company.

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