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Heading for global decarbonisation

By Marie Vabre, journalist for solutions

March 25, 2021

During 2020, the companies that have best overcome the health, social and economic crises are the most advanced in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Tomorrow's companies will most likely be responsible or won’t. Vetted sees the coming decade as the decade when concrete commitments will be implemented on a large scale and will accompany you there.

Today, the climate emergency is catching up with all the players in the economy. The associated risks are physical, financial and affect their reputation. They make the sustainable transformation of all sectors unavoidable. It is a matter of aligning productive activities with the fight against global warming international objectives, while meeting the growing expectations of consumers and civil society. National and European regulations are published in order to accelerate this convergence, as well as international multi-stakeholder incentives.

By 2050, the European Commission's Green Deal aims at ""carbon neutrality"". The European Union has raised its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to at least -55% by 2030. A global coalition of the United Nations agencies, companies and industrial giants is calling on business leaders to set strategic targets enabling to cap the temperature average global increase to 1.5°C. More than 800 cities, 100 regions and 1,500 companies representing $12 trillion in revenues have already joined the global effort to decarbonise their economies and societies. In that respect, the fact that the United States are back in the 2015 Paris Agreement could be a « game changer ».

In 2020, a KPMG study1 shows that 72% of the world's 250 largest companies are connecting their business activities with their sustainability goals : this is a significant increase. In France, on one hand, 87% of the companies in the panel integrate climate risks into their financial outlook. On the other hand, few of them give details about their decarbonisation strategy, which leaves plenty of room for improvement. What about you ? What is your company's 2021 resolution to reduce your carbon impact ? Decarbonising is in line with the World history. That's why Vetted is working hard on it.

Each structure, depending on its size and sector, has its own specific stakes and its own pace towards decarbonisation.
Vetted is a marketplace where all companies, whatever their level of sustainability is, - beginner, intermediate, advanced -, will find the makers of sustainable solutions that suit them. Go for it!

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