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Vetted, partner of the 2021 Virtual Climate Summit

A 100% online event from November 22 to December 3.

This meeting is a 100% online event planned from November 22 to December 3, 2021.

Co-sponsored by the Association of Climate, Energy and Environnement Occupational

Advisors, the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), the Association Bilan

Carbone (ABC, Carbon Balance sheet Association) and the CINOV federation, the Virtual Climate Summit aims at helping organizations implement practical strategies to deal with climate change by providing them with keys to understanding, pragmatic action levers, and inspiring and motivating examples.

This virtual event gathers 30 webconferences, about twenty workshops and pages

dedicated to organizations. Through their talks, more than a hundred experts, companies and local authorities share their experience and address these two major issues :

  1. How your Companies / Organizations can prepare and sustain their business in a decarbonised world ?

  2. How can your territory implement, finance and maintain a carbon neutrality and resilient strategy ?

Sharing the conviction that it is necessary to walk along companies and communities in the transition of their activities towards more eco-responsible models, Vetted is committed as a partner of the Virtual Climate Summit, and an associate member of the Association of Climate, Energy and Environnement Occupational Advisors.

Link to the website :

As part of the VETTED x SVC partnership, join the program of the 2021 Virtual Climate

Summit alongside with the 100+ speakers that have already registered, including Vetted, to allow companies and communities to commit themselves, act and make practical progress on the collective path to carbon neutrality and lead a workshop thanks to the 15% discount code reserved for our responsible suppliers : VETTED15

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