Seed balls, a biodiversity booster !

Pollination by insects concerns 90% of flowering plant species in the world and we all know the role of insects in pollination.

But when we say pollinators, we often think of 🐝

Yet there are nearly 1,000 species of pollinators in France alone.

🩋 In 40 years, 80% of them have disappeared.

đŸŒ± So to remedy this, Grainette has designed a plant capsule with the aim of feeding these declining pollinating insects.

Gautier Chevallier, Business Development Manager, details in this new episode of #ParoledEntrepriseDurable all the benefits of their flower bomb for biodiversity.

With more than 1 million flower bombs sown and 10 million flowers to be foraged since 2019, Grainette not only takes care of biodiversity, but also of men and women through its production Made in France and in ESAT.

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