The places where tomorrow economy is created !

As #coworking spaces are flexible, well-located and caring about their occupants, they are the places where today and tomorrow economy is created 🎯

When the European leader in flexible workspaces launches a program that flushes out unused square meters in their buildings 📍 🏬 and offer them to companies and associations that have got ideas to make the world a better place, but sometimes lack the matching means, that speaks to us and we say « well done » ! 👏 💜

So this week, with Stéphane Bensimon, CEO of Wojo, we are talking about #Impact, #FutureOfWork and of course #QVT (Quality of life at work).

Wojo's ambition is to make a difference thanks to federative and friendly places, the creators of enriching and stimulating work experiences. As Wojo is backed by its workspaces, it offers a wide range of services designed for fun, performance and talents’connection.

A subsidiary of Bouygues Immobilier and Accor French groups, Wojo now has more than 350 locations in Europe.

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